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7 signs Enonic is powering a website

What makes Enonic XP stand out? Here are the surefire signs that a given website or digital experience is running on this powerful web application platform.

Choosing a content management system is not an easy task. The decision will follow you and your organisation for the next handful of years at least—so it’s no wonder that you’re comparing advantages and disadvantages carefully.

Enonic XP is a web application platform, offering classic CMS features, headless CMS, and powerful tools for building apps and custom APIs. But exactly how are the CMS features faring, from a digital manager’s or web editor’s point of view? Let’s look at the facts—here are 7 signs that Enonic is powering a website.

1. Highly structured content

Many websites have no inkling how to organise and present content in a meaningful, beautiful, and user-friendly way. Or more correctly speaking: Many people have no inkling, and the CMS may or may not support highly structured content. Enonic XP does.

When you visit a professional website powered by Enonic XP, you will see consistent and brand compliant landing pages, blog posts, case studies, and testimonials—as well as a logical content hierarchy.

With the Content Studio in Enonic XP you are always ensured a consistent presentation of your digital experiences. The platform will natively structure how your content will function, letting you easily repurpose content across different websites or even devices.

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The way Enonic XP achieves highly structured content is through a robust tree structure and schema-based editing—with the visual templates safely out of the hands of the individual editors. The same types of content will look the same, independent of content authors.

Other content management systems may offer a different approach. They can for instance offer you a “free for all” approach, where your editors can do whatever they want in the different content types—resulting in a brand mess closely approaching mayhem.

In general, too many cooks spoil the broth, and the same principle applies to your digital experiences. Therefore a schema-based editing platform, resembling the headless CMS approach, is what Enonic XP has to offer.

Note: if you want your editors to have full flexibility and page editing options, this is of course possible too. Just make sure you have a good strategy for when to use what.

2. Multichannel

Any website on Enonic XP is fully responsive with rich functionality across all devices—from the small mobile screen to large desktop monitors. As Enonic XP offers a headless solution together with a traditional CMS, you may discover that the content from an Enonic-powered website also can be used in widely different places, like smart watches or kitchen appliances.

With Enonic’s multichannel readiness, you don’t need to worry that your content will look awful or be rendered unreadable on different devices. As a final treat, we offer a responsive preview in our admin tool—allowing you to know exactly how your website or app will look before publishing.

3. Fast and powerful search

On this topic, we think a “show, don’t tell” approach will give you a quick understanding of what we’re talking about. Go to Norway Post and search for Norway’s capital, “Oslo”. The search results appear like lightning, and they are harnessed from different sources: one for content, one for post offices, one for postal codes, and one for addresses—but all of them together in one single, super-fast search.

So when you visit a website with an almost instant search showing several facets, you might have accidentally stumbled upon a lair powered by Enonic XP.

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4. Automatically scaled images

Have you ever been to websites with slow-loading images, horribly rendered, or with distorted aspect ratio? Those were not running on Enonic XP.

In Enonic XP you can assign the right focal point to all images, no matter the aspect ratio. If you for instance want to have a vertical picture of a giraffe on a narrow, horizontal space on your website, you must edit the image to fit the giraffe’s head in the tight spot, or else you will just see the neck. With Enonic XP you only have to assign a focal point on the giraffe’s head, and the platform will automatically show this part of the image. See for yourself:


In addition to this time-saving magic trick, Enonic XP will automatically optimise the size of any image, depending on what device it is viewed on. The platform also protects your website from embarrassing instances where deleted images are no longer shown, and an image’s alt-text is always present to help the visually impaired as well as the search engines.

5. Search engine optimised

Enonic XP has a rich marketplace of apps, and one of the popular ones is the SEO meta fields app. This means that a website powered by Enonic also features powerful search engine optimisation—attracting the right audience with the right keywords.

The SEO meta field app makes sure that all your websites support Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Google Search Console, and Canonical meta tags. This means that you can fully customise and control what title, meta description, and image will be shown in social media previews and search engine results.

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6. Content and services blend together

When you see a website with both content and services, it might be another instance of Enonic XP brilliance. With Enonic XP, it is easy to build services to naturally blend with your regular content, instead of you clicking a button leading you to a completely different site.

What are services, you may ask? Think about insurance calculators, travel planners, messenger chats, visual graphs, drag and drop post-it notes, restaurant orders, online radio stations, and much, much more. Services represent more dynamic and feature-rich content, while texts and images are more static content.

The mix of content and services enables a seamless user experience across the board. The user is not supposed to see that it’s different systems powering the website—it should feel like one holistic, digital experience. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Enonic XP.

7. Continuous deployment

Websites powered by Enonic XP share one more common trait: They have no downtime. You don’t notice when the digital experiences are being updated, as this is handled in a background process by your almighty developers.

The smooth, stable, and predictable environment of Enonic XP makes every developer, editor, and visitor happy. Just like it’s supposed to be.


Enonic XP is a powerful web application platform, sporting great content structure, responsive functionality, super-fast search, smart image handling, SEO, organic mix of content and services, and no downtime. If you believe this is too good to be true, check out our free demo for yourself. Good luck and have fun!

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