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Full transparency ensures that you can grow your business and pay in a predictable fashion. We got you covered with plans matching your requirements.

  1. Enonic Cloud

    Free Trial

    Get to know Enonic

    • Hands-on testing
    • Headless and other examples
    • Build and deploy your own app
    • No credit card required
  2. Enonic Cloud


    For professional deployments

    • SLA options
    • Minimum 99.5% uptime
    • Capacity based pricing
    • Enterprise applications
    • Content Delivery Network
    • Continuous delivery
    • From
    • $ 990
    • NOK 9900
    • โ‚ฌ 990
    • ยฃ 990

    per month

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  3. Enonic Cloud


    For mission critical deployments

    • Up to 24/7/365 โ€“ 2hrs response
    • Minimum 99.9% uptime
    • Request based pricing
    • Generous fair use policy
    • Enterprise applications
    • Content delivery network
    • High availability
    • High performance
    • Continuous delivery
    • Contact us

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Bring Enonic on premises or to your favourite cloud. A software subscription gives your access to the Enonic team, as well as our enterprise applications.

  1. Enonic XP software

    Open Source

    Free to use for any size project

    • Source on GitHub
    • Binary builds available
    • No indemnification
    • No warranties
    • No support
    • GPLv3 license
  2. Enonic XP software


    For mission critical deployments

    • Access to enterprise apps
    • Up to 24/7/365 โ€“ 2hrs response
    • Up to unlimited incidents
    • Security alerts
    • Security fixes
    • Commercial friendly license
    • Contact us

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Data processing and security terms for Enonic Experience Cloud can be found here.