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Localized marketing site

Manage content in different markets and regions from a single editorial source.

Why Enonic?

Enonic goes beyond independent projects and simple translations when it comes to localized marketing sites. Our layers functionality allows for parent-child inheritance in a single CMS environmentβ€”complete with familiar capabilities and a visual page editor. As the cherry on top of the cake, the developers can even use any front-end framework when building the solution.


  • Layers
  • User rights and access management
  • Tree structure
  • Visual page editor
  • Workflow
  • What Are Layers?

  • Using Layers

  • Layers Widget

Localized marketing sites powered by Enonic

  • Desktop screenshot
    Mobile screenshot


    • logistics
    • layers
    • localization
    • international
  • Desktop screenshot
    Mobile screenshot


    • services
    • building and construction
  • Desktop screenshot
    Mobile screenshot


    • logistics
    • multi lingual
    • responsive

How Enonic Fits Your Requirements

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