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Enonic Enonic

Simplifying Digital Transformation Digital Experience Platform for the Agile Enterprise

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Build websites and applications

Enonic XP allows you to build and deliver solutions faster, more scalable and with less effort. Below are some examples of what you can do.

  • Self service

  • Corporate web

  • Social intranet

  • Web applications

  • Mobile backend

  • Landing pages

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Powerful Open Source technology

Enonic XP is battle tested and runs on the powerful Java platform.

Quality certificate

  • World's only ISO-9001 certified vendor
  • 17 years successful track record
  • Powers business critical applications
  • Certified implementation partners
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Sites powered by Enonic

Watch some videos to learn more

  • Enonic XP Teaser

  • Wireframe Prototyping - Teaser

  • Google Analytics widget

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