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Enonic Enonic

Accelerate your digital projects
by building Enonic Apps

deliver high performance web applications to grow your business

Progressive Web Apps


Go offline with web apps that rival native apps. Read why 20% of brands are abandoning their native apps.

Self Service

Self service Portals

Deliver unified user experiences across your systems

Content Driven Websites

content driven Websites 

Create engaging content and utilize the best marketing tools

Why build Enonic Apps

Enonic Apps allow you to deliver custom digital projects faster and more predictable thanks to its unique architecture and capabilities.

  • Speeds up your digital projects
  • Fast and scaleable
  • Runs in any cloud or on premise
  • Built for professional developers
  • Marketplace to extend your apps
  • Embedded content management tool
  • Works with popular frameworks and tools
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Sites powered by Enonic

Powerful Open Source technology

Enonic XP is battle tested and runs on industry leading technology.

Quality certificate

  • World's only ISO-9001 certified vendor
  • 17 years successful track record
  • Powers business critical applications
  • Certified implementation partners
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Customer testimonials

“Since we were playing with concepts that had not necessarily been implemented anywhere before, we were forced to continuously ask the technical experts: can this be done? The close relationship and collaboration with the experts from Enonic was absolutely decisive for the success of our new technical platform.”

Torstein Aas-Hansen, Editor and Department Head, Gjensidige Insurance
“We focus on doing as much as possible in-house, and we have an increasing number of internal resources working on content publishing in Enonic. When it comes to content publishing, Enonic is very intuitive and simple. Even with no experience, you can do a lot with the platform.”

Jon Martin Tafjord, Digital Manager, Norway Post
“It is very convenient and cost-saving to have different editors working in different countries without having to send them all on a long course so they can understand and use the platform. Our experience has been that the solution is solid, stable and safe enough that we can give people access to work directly in the system. It works like a dream.”

Marius Torjusen, Vice President Brands, Jøtul Group