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Enonic's innovative platform provides a faster way to create and deliver powerful digital experiences. We solve everyday problems in all stages of the digital delivery process. Our simplified architecture reduces the number of moving parts, and enables delivery of content, services and applications from a single, scalable platform.

Our story


  1. Like all great IT companies we started in a garage


  1. First major customer - Orion Pharma, Finland
  2. Enonic CMS 1.0 released


  1. Enonic CMS 2.0 released - Innovative portal front-end


  1. Almost bankrupt - Saved by a major contract


  1. Enonic CMS 3.0 released - Security and version control
  2. National Lottery in Norway launch on Enonic
  3. First implementation partner: BEKK Consulting


  1. Gjensidige launches their self service site on Enonic


  1. Enonic CMS 4.0 released - Redesigned user interface
  2. Norwegian Welfare and Labour Administration (NAV) launches public web and intranet


  1. Norway Post choose Enonic for public websites (20 000 employees)


  1. Enonic goes Open Source


  1. We ISO-9001 certified our processes
  2. Development office in Minsk, Belarus established


  1. Enonic CMS 4.7 released - Elasticsearch embedded
  2. Statistics Norway launches the biggest statistics site in Europe
  3. New offices 4. floor in Kirkegata 1-3


  1. Enonic XP released


  1. Subsidiary established in London
  2. Norwegian Top Football launch their leagues on Enonic
  3. Enonic Market launched


  1. Enonic embraces Progressive Web Apps
  2. Enonic launches Headless CMS based on GraphQL

The team

Our passionate team takes pride in building the worlds greatest software for digital experiences.

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