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How Enonic simplifies your everyday image problems

The Enonic image handling tools make it easy to insert, edit and share images across every platform and device. Read more about how they work in this article.

You’ve found an amazing image that’s guaranteed to catch the attention of your audience, and now you want to share it. How difficult can it be? Surprisingly tricky, actually. Publishing images across devices and platforms can be far more time-consuming than you’d expect.

Increasing the number of places the image is published means changing its format again and again, opening up even more opportunities for optimisation mistakes and formatting headaches.

Luckily, Enonic can help. Our image handling tools make it easy to insert, edit and share images across every platform and device.

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Where do you use images in a CMS?

There are a number of places you might want to use images in your CMS:

  • Text Editor: Insert a picture wherever you want in the text editor.

  • The metadata: Use metadata to connect an image to a certain part of your site or content, for example, you can use metadata to show the image in search results or your landing page. 

  • Image module: You can use your CMS to insert featured images directly into a designated area on your website, helping to showcase them.

Uploading your images to Enonic XP

Uploading images in Enonic XP is a breeze. Drop them into the text editor field, the “insert image” option or directly into your site structure using the create content dialog.


Search or browse to find the right images

If your image is already in Enonic XP, you can search or browse to find it.


Insert images in your content

  1.  Choose the aspect ratio and positioning of the image, and add in a caption and alternative text.
  2. Insert the image into your content, whether it’s directly in the text editor or in a module on your site.

Editing the image

Now that you’ve uploaded your image, it’s time for the really important part – editing it. Zoom, pan, and choosing a focal point for your image will ensure it looks great, no matter the device or platform you’re viewing it on.


Use the editing tool to crop (zoom and pan), rotate, or flip the image.


Focal Point

Choosing a focal point for your image ensures it looks good across your whole site. It means that even if the template on your web page has an image with an 1:1 aspect ratio in one place, and a 16:9 aspect ratio in another, your image will never appear cropped in the wrong place or with a load of blank space on either side.


Image metadata and access right

Once you’ve edited your image and added a focal point, you can also add metadata like alt text, image URL, description, copyright information etc. You can also add access right to control who sees the image and who can edit it. 

Organising your images

An organised image library should be a key feature of any CMS, so we make it simple to keep all of your media in order.

Store, save and organise your images

When you upload images, they’re stored under each piece of content they’re attached to, or where they were uploaded in the hierarchy.

You can also create folders for your images. Thanks to user access permissions, you can control exactly who can view and edit these folders.

Right click and select ‘move’ on the images to arrange them in the hierarchy.

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Advanced image features for developers

Advanced image features give you more control over the appearance of your images. They include:

Scaling functionsto ensure the image fits the given width and height of the designated picture proportions.

Filters to adjust the appearance of your image, by adding borders or grayscale for example.


Image editing shouldn’t be limited to desktop. That’s why the Enonic’s editing tools work on mobile too thanks to large icons and touch screen functionality.

Digital experiences rely on incredible visuals. That’s why we’ve made uploading, editing and formatting them as simple as possible. Our intuitive editing tools not only make it easy to showcase your images, but they ensure your pictures look great wherever they’re seen.

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