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Increase your website visibility with the SEO Meta Fields app

You want control over your website’s titles, meta descriptions, and images in Google and social media. Enonic presents to you the SEO Meta Fields app.

Search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, is really a no-brainer. If you run a customer-facing business or organisation of any kind, or want to just showcase your hobby, you ought to get found on the web.

SEO does just that: It’s a collection of techniques to make your digital offerings speak with the search engines—primarily Google.

In the content management system Enonic XP we have thought of this, of course. We want your website to succeed, so we have an app for that: “SEO Meta Fields.”

Installation and use of SEO meta fields

“SEO Meta Fields” is an app, which means it’s an optional application you can insert into your Enonic XP site, just like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and HubSpot.

Starting the app is super-easy. Just add it to your Enonic XP account and activate it on your site, and then you’re on. The next time you edit a page, you will find the SEO options on the left panel within your content form.


In the SEO options you can easily override title, description, and the image that will be shown when sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Just type in what you would like and upload the right image—before saving, publishing, and doing business as usual.

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Don’t forget the widget!

In Enonic XP you don’t need to enter each article or piece of content to get an overview. Instead, you can get a quick glance at information like SEO on the widget on the right panel in the navigation.

In the widget you can see information like details, version history, dependencies, and SEO fast and easy. The SEO Meta Fields option provides a summary on what content is delivered externally to search engines.

You can find the widget in the tree structure for your content:


You also have the option to hide the given page from external search engines. Why on Earth would I do that, you ask? This can be useful on for instance “thank you” pages or other pages you don’t want to appear on search engine results pages.

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For the techies

On the more technical side, it’s worth to mention that the SEO meta fields app adds Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Google Search Console, and canonical meta-tags to your Enonic XP site.

If you want to read even more technical stuff, check out our documentation on Github.

Pro tip: If you have set a new title, description, and image for your page, but it won’t show up when sharing on Facebook, use the Facebook sharing debugger tool. You’re welcome.

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The SEO Meta Fields app is a great SEO tool to easily boost your visibility on Google and other search engines. If you haven’t activated it for your Enonic site yet, we strongly recommend that you do so.

Either way, it won’t hurt you if you just try it out and experiment. In fact, we encourage experimentation with Enonic XP all the time.

Happy hunting for more and more relevant visitors!

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