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Guide to Enonic Market

Enonic Market has all the tools you need to create incredible digital experiences.

Apple has the App Store, Google has Google Play, and Enonic has the Enonic Market: a hub that brings together all the tools you need to create incredible digital experiences.

As well as offering developers the right tools, starter kits and libraries to build apps, the Market contains ready-made applications like extensions, dummy websites, and integrations with marketing tools. In short, there’s a lot here to explore. So to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, here’s your guide to the Enonic Market.


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What can you do with applications, libraries and starters?

Head to the Enonic Market, and you’ll see our products separated into three categories: Applications, libraries and starters. So what’s the difference? 


An app is ready-made, meaning it can be installed and used out of the box to supercharge your digital experiences. These include tools like Google Analytics, Disqus and HubSpot.



Libraries are tools for developers that make it easier and faster to build apps and reuse code. These tools perform a load of useful functions. Take for instance the notifications lib, which can be added to your projects to help send push notifications.



Starter kits help developers to build applications faster and better, making them essential when developing your nex application or website. Like a toolbox, starters kickstart a project with a pre-defined blueprint.


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Guide: Where do you find the Market?

From it’s easy to find Enonic Market. Once you reach the marketplace you’ll be able to find all the apps, libraries and starter kits you need to create amazing digital experiences with Enonic XP.


1. Find Enonic Market by hitting the drop down menu in the right hand corner of the Enonic homepage.

2. Click on Enonic Market at the bottom of the page.

3. Now you’re on the Enonic Market home page! Start searching to find and download apps, starter packs and libraries.


PS: alternatively you can just write “” in the URL.

In Enonic XP

If you’re in Enonic XP, you’ll find the Market in the top left menu on the home screen.

Guide: How do you navigate the Market?

Whether you’re just browsing or searching for something specific, we’ve made it super easy to navigate the Market. 

Know exactly what you’re looking for? Search by tag or keyword to head straight there. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, start exploring our three marketplace categories: Applications, libraries and starters.


Guide: How do you download and install stuff?

Just as all roads lead to Rome, there are several ways to download and install the goodies at the Enonic Market. Most editors and marketers only want to get the all-important Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel running, so let’s start with installing apps in XP.

How to install apps in XP

1. In Enonic XP, go to “Applications” in the right menu.

2. Choose “Install” in the top left corner.

3. Now you can search or scroll through the list of available apps.


Note: This only applies to applications, and not libs and starter kits. But let the developers worry about using these kind of things.

Downloading on the web

Although you probably want to plug and play with applications like Disqus or SEO meta fields, your organisation may want to tailor a given solution. This is where the Enonic Market website comes into play. 

Simply navigate to the desired app, lib or starter in the Market, and hit “Get started”, “Download” or “Clone”, respectively.

There are several ways to download an application here:

  • You can download and install it directly in XP, as mentioned above
  • You can install it via Enonic CLI (read more of the technical stuff here)
  • You can download the jar file 

To start working with libraries and starter kits, you can add some code or execute a command. All of these steps are thoroughly explained on each product page, so if you or a developer you know are interested, check it out on the libraries or starter kit sections.


User roles

As a site administrator or developer, you can control exactly who gets to download and install apps on your Enonic XP instance. An admin role is the only one with rights to download, and you can of course decide who will receive this responsibility.

You can manage users and roles in the right-hand menu on the Enonic XP home screen.

Highlights from the Market

What exactly can you find on the Enonic Market? What can you do with the different applications? Here are some apps that are specially interesting to editors and marketers:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps turn insights in action, giving you all the contextual traffic data you need without ever leaving the Content Studio. The app also automatically adds GA tagging scripts to your site.

SEO Meta Fields

This Enonic XP app adds Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Google Search Console, and Canonical meta-tags to your site, boosting your SEO and social sharing presence.


Qbrick Integration Demo

The Qbrick app shows you how to enrich your content with videos without using Youtube. This can be useful if you want full control over the video player look and feel.


Social macros

Take your marketing strategy up a notch by embedding Twitter, Youtube and Instagram into your digital experience.



The HubSpot app adds embed code for HubSpot tracking to your site, allowing you to capture analytics wherever you need to.


Facebook Pixel

Simply fill in the ID of your Facebook Pixel to automatically add the necessary javascript-code to the end of your site’s <head> code.



Encourage conversation by adding Disqus comments to your site.


 Google Tag Manager

Make tag management a breeze with Google Tag Manager – just add it to your site and you’re ready to go.


Visual Web Optimizer

Create, manage and run A/B tests and targeted campaigns with the help of Visual Web Optimizer. It integrates with Enonic XP, allowing you to work straight from the XP Content Studio.


Closing remarks

The Enonic Market features everything you need to supercharge your Enonic XP experience, all while creating incredible digital experiences. With easy browsing, navigation, downloads and a whole marketplace of applications to choose from, it couldn’t be easier to kickstart your latest project.

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