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5 reasons to choose the Enonic Experience Cloud

What benefits do Enonic XC pose for you and your organisation?

The world is changing. Customers move from brick and mortar to e-commerce, while businesses move from digital experience platforms to fully managed digital experience clouds (DXC).

To meet the increasing demands and expectations of our customers, we have developed a digital experience cloud called Enonic Experience Cloud. Here are five reasons why you should consider choosing Enonic XC as your next DXC.

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1. Focus on your customer journey

When you have a digital experience cloud, most of the operations are handed over to the vendor, leaving your developers free to build exciting new features and functionality for your digital experiences. In other words, you and your organisation can focus on improving your customer journey.

Whether it is content or services, the underlying platform of Enonic XC allows your developers to build flexible content types—like landing pages, blog posts, person profiles, testimonials, and snippets—to fit in any leg of the customer journey. And perhaps more importantly, Enonic ships with a headless solution out of the box, enabling the distribution of content across any channel and device in an increasingly complex customer journey. The Enonic platform also supports building custom services—like self-service, e-commerce, integrations, APIs and apps—further enriching your offerings.

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2. Security

Enonic is ISO certified and emphasises fixed routines, open source code, and recurrent software testing. Enonic firmly tests each version of its platform for security and performance issues, and—being based on Java—enacts Java security best practices.

0While you will not outsource security entirely to Enonic with XC, you will be relieved of many of the cumbersome tasks. These include expensive and time-consuming security and penetration tests—as well as being exposed to security-related scenarios you might not have considered in advance.

Enonic benefits from experience through economies of scale. We have a fundamental and vital interest in keeping core security up to date and in accordance with best practices for our entire customer base, ranging from midsize to large organisations.

3. Pay as you go

Choosing a digital experience cloud is an important commitment for years to come—in terms of both time and resources. But Enonic XC is entirely scalable, letting you start small with the core suite of what you require now, and then growing alongside your business.

In other words, there is no longer need for a large upfront investment—you do not have to tie your organisation on hands and feet. Pay for what you really need and what you actually use, and scale up when required—be prepared for traffic spikes, or add or remove features as time passes on and you gain insights into what works and what does not work.

In this way, a dedication to Enonic XC is not set in stone and will not have a severe financial impact on your organisation—as an investment in an old, clunky, and large digital experience platform might have had.

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4. Flexible and user-friendly CMS

Another reason to opt in for the Enonic Experience Cloud is to make your content editors and authors really happy. There is no shortage of overly complex and difficult content management systems out there, but you will not find one in Enonic XC.

Instead you will find Content Studio, a user-friendly graphical user interface, complete with a landing page editor, content tree structure, advanced image handling, responsive design, issues management, user roles and access control, keyboard shortcuts, previewing, bulk publishing, lightning fast search, and content modelling.

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5. Developer-friendly

In addition to letting developers be free of tedious maintenance and operations, the Enonic platform itself offers some irresistible treats. Firstly, the underlying platform—Enonic XP—is open source, meaning full code transparency and predictable roadmaps.

Secondly, XP is based on JavaScript, meaning it is easy for developers to teach themselves the platform basics and get going with coding quickly. Thirdly, we have some delightful developer tools, like CLI and SDK, which makes it even easier to automate tasks and building solutions.

Fourthly, imports and exports are standardised and based on structured data, making it easy to move between different environments when required. And finally, Enonic is especially suited to build, test, and deploy apps through your favourite CI/CD service.

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Spec sheet: How Enonic fits your requirements

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