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Watch our content editor webinars

Take a look at Enonic's recent content editor webinars, covering subjects ranging from SEO to the cookie law.

Every quarter, Enonic hosts an event for our content editor community. Here we not only provide the latest news on the Enonic platform and Content Studio, but also industry trends, useful tips and tricks, and other relevant insights.

Here is a selection of several webinars we have held recently, all edited for clarity and brevity. Please go ahead and enlighten yourself on topics such as the cookie law, content operations, SEO trends, and how to run an online newspaper.

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SEO in 2021—a practical approach

Join Siteimprove's Norwegian SEO expert, Sturla Lang, while he works on a live website and guides us through the complex SEO landscape.

Siteimprove integration for Enonic & Content Studio 3.3

Siteimprove integration for Enonic & new features in Content Studio 3.3 by Morten Eriksen, CEO and co-founder at Enonic.

Next-Gen Norwegian Armed Forces Website

Georg Austad, Digital Advisor at the Norwegian Armed Forces, walks through the process of planning and building a brand new and modern website for the Norwegian military.

Headless CMS for Marketers

Vegard Ottervig, Demand Generation Manager at Enonic, explains headless CMS from a marketer's perspective, for marketers.

Cookie law

Simen Sommerfeldt, CTO at Bouvet, explains how to comply with the new cookie law, which all websites owned in the EU and targeted towards EU citizens are exptected to comply with.

Maximise your content production

Vegard Ottervig from Enonic presents the details of Enonic's ContentOps efforts and what results it has yielded so far.

SEO trends for 2021

Silje Tjomlid, Customer Success Manager at Norse, looks into SEO trends for 2021, and what is important to become even more visible online in the future.

How to run an online newspaper on Enonic XP

Kjetil Kolsrud, Editor in Chief at, shares his insights into the daily operations at the judicial online newspaper run on Enonic XP.

KLP – digital project in record time (in Norwegian)

Åsne Taksrud, VP IT Digital Customer Solutions, and Ole Johan Heum, Lead Digital Customer Front in KLP, talks about their journey from Proof of Concept to the delivery of a digital project in just six months. NB! In Norwegian.

Bonus: Localise content using the new layers feature

Originally a webinar for developers, this video should also be interesting for our content editors by showing the new content layers functionality of Enonic.

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