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About the report

The Enonic Buyer Experience Report is a comprehensive report by Info-Tech giving you first-hand information on how it is to work with Enonic.

Data in the report is collected from real end users and analysed in an exhaustive fashion with extensive data analytics.

  • Market and Product Overview
  • Customer Satisfaction with Core Capabilities
  • Customer Satisfaction with Product Features
  • The Emotional Footprint Evaluation
  • Why Users Recommend This Product

Quotes about Enonic

"Enonic is a cutting-edge content platform that prioritizes editorial flexibility and developer autonomy. It eliminates friction from day-to-day operations in addition developers and editors can collaborate to create better solutions using its fully customizable features. I really love that we can easily create websites, compelling experiences, and material that can be reused across several channels."

– Margaret T
End User of Application Operations

"I really love their open-source platform, SDK, and user-friendly architecture that lets developers get up and running quickly and I believe it integrates well with your current development workflow and best practices with ease. Because the platform is open source, you can host it on any cloud or utilize ours and it provides a variety of options to suit the needs of every size of business."

– James D
End User of Application Operations