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Search across your websites and data

With Enonic Explorer you can collect data from custom sources and use a search admin interface for tuning and management. Based on Elasticsearch, our enterprise search solution also lets you build custom search interfaces for your users.

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What's in it for you?

Enonic Explorer can give your stakeholders a flexible interface for managing your search applications and front-ends.

  • Make your information more available
  • Retrieve data fast from all your sources
  • Customise the retrieval and presentation of data
  • Management interface for search administrators

Explorer in action

The Norwegian Electronic Health Library uses Enonic Explorer to retrieve and present data from a complex set of sources.

enonic explorer interfaces



enonic explorer fields



Define fields across your different sources, e.g. "First name."

enonic explorer collections



Unique data sets transferred to Enonic Explorer.

enonic explorer synonyms thesaurus



Build thesaurus lists to match your custom vocabulary.

enonic explorer stop words



Define words that are irrelevant for or interfering with your search results.

enonic explorer interfaces



Combine all of the above to provide a search interface for your users, i.e. a combination of specific collections and synonyms.

More features include:

  • Boosting
  • Query modelling
  • Define facets
  • API with the ability to fully customise your front-end

Search platform

  • Runs on Enonic XP
  • No need for a third-party search engine
  • Fully customisable: build your own collections and front-ends
With Enonic, we have a partner that is present and available. The sources we index are very disparate, and Enonic Explorer solves this cleverly.
Kjell Tjensvoll, Acting Department Director, The Norwegian Electronic Health Library