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Enonic Enonic

High performance web platform to accelerate your digital projects

Enonic XP is a Javascript fullstack platform with embedded CMS

  • Serverside JavaScript

    Complete serverside Javascript application server and MVC framework.

  • Use any UI framework

    Use your favorite UI framework, DIY or choose from our Starter kits.

  • NoSQL storage & search

    Fast and scalable document oriented storage built around a search engine

  • Headless CMS

    Out of the box support for powerful content management.

Enonic XP Architecture

Enonic XP is an alternative to traditional web stacks like LAMP, MEAN, JEE and .NET. It uniquely combines the essential components that make up the back-end of modern web projects. 

XP Architecture
  • Enonic XP is like a portable cloud platform. Its a stack-in-a-box. Developers get the agility and speed of the cloud, as well as the flexibility of open source software.
    Thomas Sigdestad - Enonic CTO

Local dev server boots in 5 seconds!

Enonic XP runs in any cloud or on your local machine. Speed up server development with zero roundtrip development.

Fast, Scalable and Secure

Designed to scale from the ground up - Enonic XP is designed for cloud architecture and distributed deployment.

  • Continuous Deployment

    Release your software faster and more frequently.

  • Leverage existing investments in Java

    Enonic XP is battle tested and runs on the powerful Java platform.

  • Highly Tested

    OWASP, unit tests, integration tests.

  • Pluggable Identity Provider Framework

    Pluggable Identity Providers allow connections to external user stores.

Download now to get started

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