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If you love smooth projects, you’ll love Enonic

Let Enonic help you make sure that your digital projects are delivered in accordance with the proposed time and cost.

It is vital for any organisation to function and operate optimally—in order to fulfil its goals and purpose. In this endeavour, your organisation would want to work with the best tools available, and in a world of digital transformation this is more important than ever before.

A web application platform and CMS like Enonic XP may be one of several contenders on your shortlist, so how does Enonic fare in an end to end delivery? What can Enonic contribute within the project where you the customer and one of our partners build the digital experience of the future?

Compare Enonic to 17 leading CMS vendors:

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Evaluation phase

Before choosing any proposed solution, it is common to initiate a formal test process—often called a Proof of Concept (PoC). Enonic can deliver comprehensive PoCs with minutely detailed system requirements about everything from landing pages to system architecture.

In a PoC, Enonic collaborates closely with partners and the potential customer, not only offering a hands-on PoC in a demanding environment but also advisory on the side. Enonic can assess the potential customer and recommend solutions with regard to performance, stability, and predictability.


If your organisation hasn’t already chosen a partner to do the delivery of Enonic XP, Enonic can help you find a certified solution partner. During this phase, we can also provide inputs to your business case, if you need to convince internal and external stakeholders to start the project.

Additionally, as a best practice before initiating the project, Enonic will perform a review of the proposed time schedule and estimates, and assess whether or not the proposal is viable in accordance with Enonic’s solutions.

Other preparatory actions by Enonic include a team inventory and a resource allocation assessment. This will be done in order to ensure and maximise the possibilities of success in your project: do you e.g. lack central skills in your team? An inventory will discover strengths and weaknesses.

Early project phase

During the early project phase, Enonic can provide further advisory functions. Among the services rendered are concept assessment, architecture, and best practice. The latter service reflects Enonic’s long history of experiences from other projects and demonstrates a holistic and contextual mode of approaching projects. All this will ensure that you make the right choices in regard to Enonic’s solutions from the beginning.

In the early project phase Enonic will also help to establish a developer environment, a test/QA environment, and a production environment. If you have opted in for Enonic Cloud, Enonic will be responsible for all environment setup. If not, the environments will be set up in tight collaboration with you the customer.

A build system will also be set up, which will help you establish automatic deployment of code to test environments. Finally, Enonic will, of course, provide necessary training of developers and content editors.

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During project

Enonic values the customer’s autonomy during a project, but is happy to provide continued advice and best practices all through the process. During the main course of the project, Enonic can suggest guiding priorities in e.g. sprint meetings—clarifying what’s important to build or develop right now.

In this phase, Enonic will always monitor the system health, looking out for potential danger signals. We also support your and our partners’ developers by the following measures:

  • Access to support system, forum, and Slack
  • Feature requests

Enonic might release fixes to Enonic XP during the project. If this occurs, Enonic can, of course, help to upgrade the platform to its current iteration.

Toward the end of the project

When your project comes near its end Enonic will carry out performance testing, analysis, and quality assurance—together with a production setting plan about what practical measures that need to be done and when.

To ensure your project’s longevity, Enonic can partake in an agreement on periodical follow-ups on your system architecture, performance, health, and potential issues.

Furthermore, as part of Enonic’s continuous dedication to our community, we arrange periodical Meetups for both developers and editors. In these informal events we, our partners or our customers share experiences, address case studies, examples of usage, common challenges, new releases, and best practices.

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Long term plans

Throughout the entire project and beyond, Enonic will have a focus on establishing healthy maintenance principles. You’re in it for the long run, and digital experience projects tend to be a large investment you shouldn’t squander away.

To help you stay afloat in the digital ocean, Enonic does extensive research in the developments and trends of CMS and digital experiences. In this way, we make sure that we always stay up to date and ahead of the competition.

Finally, Enonic can continuously advise you on how CMS will work in the future, how Enonic’s platform can help you with the customer journey of tomorrow, and how you can make other aspects of your solutions—like search and apps—more effective.

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