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Generate more digital projects with the help of Enonic

Generate more digital projects with Enonic

We use inbound marketing to generate leads

Inbound Marketing Booster Kit

Inbound marketing is a long term and holistic strategy for attracting, converting, closing, and delighting leads and customers in a B2B setting.

By planning and producing quality content tailored specifically for our audience, we are able to make leads come to us, instead of us coming to them through cold calls or traditional advertising.

Finally, by using marketing automation we are able to optimise campaigns and nurture leads to become increasingly ready for a sales meeting.

After Enonic started using inbound marketing, we have seen many positive results:

  • New international customers
  • An increase in leads
  • An increase in pipeline value and revenue
  • An increase in subscribers
  • An increase in organic traffic
  • An increase in general visibility in the marketplace
  • Helping existing customers
  • Supporting sales processes

How Enonic can boost your inbound efforts


Enonic strongly want our partners to succeed. We are therefore offering an inbound marketing booster kit to help you get started with attracting and closing new customers.

How do we achieve this?

In the past few years we have created a sizable repository of content, which can readily be shared with our partners. We can thus offer:

  • Personas
  • A multitude of blog posts
  • Several premium contents
  • Pillar pages
  • A robust editorial process
  • Technical experience

By localising or doing necessary editorial changes, you can get a set amount of our content free of charge. These quality assets can then help you get started with your own marketing efforts.

It is important to stress that Enonic will not do everything for our partners, but will rather share assets and know-how in order to help you get started.

All we ask for in return is attribution and a transparent business relationship.

Booster pack details


The inbound marketing booster pack is unique for each partner, and we are flexible when it comes to the specific details. However, we do offer two general tiers as a starting point:


6 blog posts

2 premium contents

Self-promoting blog posts need to be written by partner

1 Enonic blog post per month after launch


12 blog posts

4 premium contents

Self-promoting blog posts need to be written by partner

2 Enonic blog posts per month after launch

HubSpot/other marketing automation tool implemented

Inbound onboarding process


The inbound marketing booster pack onboarding process looks like this:

  1. Workshop preparations
    1. Get acquainted with the inbound principles

    2. Read up on personas
    3. Read about Enonic’s personas
    4. Browse the Enonic blog and make a top 10 list
    5. Review our pillar pages
  2. Workshop with Enonic
    1. Choose and adjust personas

    2. Content selection
    3. Topic ideas for bottom of funnel content
    4. Publishing calendar
  3. Translate Enonic blogs and write content
  4. Publishing
  5. Workflows
  6. Optional marketing agency introduction