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Enonic XP – all you need to know

The Enonic platform is bustling with features and possibilities. Here is a collection of articles detailing how Enonic can help you solve your tasks.

Enonic XP is a powerful web application platform written in Java, allowing for the development and building of highly specialised and optimised digital experiences—complex websites, progressive web apps, and web-based APIs.

For content editors and digital marketers, however, Enonic is a powerful tool for web content management, headless CMS, and delivering great user experiences. To help you wrap your head around the platform, we have gathered several articles ranging from the in-depth workings of Enonic to how the platform can help leverage your business.


Spec sheet: How Enonic fits your requirements

Working in Enonic XP

Blog posts

Strategic overlook of Enonic XP

Blog posts

For the tech-savvy

We also have a lot of information for the more technical users of Enonic XP, like developers and implementation consultants. On you can read more about the platform and the possibility to use Enonic XP as a headless CMS. We also have extensive documentation.