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Why Enonic

To realise our vision of "better customer journeys", we bring you the smoothest content platform on the planet.


enonic freedom


We offer a modern platform for content and digital experiences. To top it off, we have one key differentiator: freedom. With Enonic you get no lock-in to proprietary cloud services, and will benefit from an open culture with an active community and multiple support options.

enonic open source
  • Open source
  • Deploy in any cloud
  • Transparency

Smooth Is Fast

Our state of the art technology stack enables faster projects and rapid user adoption. Our platform is fast and scalable, with support for agile development, flexible integrations, and automation.

  • High performance
  • Swift team onboarding
  • Agile development

Battle tested

Enonic powers mission critical deployments worldwide. Our robust testing and quality systems ensure high security, scalability, and resilience.

  • ISO certified quality system
  • 6000+ automated tests
  • 20+ years of industry experience

Built for the digital team

We make the daily operations easier for everyone involved—whether it is developers looking for fast and open technology, editors looking for full flexibility and powerful content management, or business people looking for a scalable and predictable platform.

Business Man Rounded

Business $> Enonic

  • Scalable
  • Predictable
  • Faster projects
Marketing Woman Rounded

Marketing <3 Enonic

  • Content hub
  • Collaboration
  • Integrated tools
Developer Rounded

Devs <love/> Enonic

  • Open source
  • Serverside JS
  • Fast to learn

Trusted by customers for mission critical deployments