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Technology stack

We have envisioned our platform as an operating system for your digital experiences. Our open-source platform is called Enonic XP. It includes everything you need to build engaging customer journeys:

Platform Components


Bring Your Own Front-end

Whether you are building a mobile application, want to re-use your design system, or use web-based frameworks like Next.js, React, Vue.js, Bootstrap, or Gatsby—you can easily combine them with Enonic.

Front-end Frameworks

Highly Scalable

Enonic is designed for cloud and clustered deployment, providing high scalability. The platform requires minimal infrastructure, and includes distributed storage and memory grid components.


Enonic supports development and deployment of applications—just like an operating system. The microservice architecture enables application lifecycle and agile development with zero downtime.

Application platform

Developer Tools

Enonic is made for developers. Use any IDE in combination with our native software development kit (SDK) and command line interface (CLI) to maximise productivity.

application platform tools

Project Starters

In order to quickly get started with your project, Enonic offers several starter kits. Starters include guides, project structure, build scripts, library references, and best practice examples.

starter kits rocket

JavaScript Framework

Enonic provides a server-side MVC framework for application development. The framework features a rails-like concept for faster development and less complexity.

Runs anywhere

Enonic runs in any cloud, on premise, and all major operating systems. We also deliver a ready-made Docker image for deployment in your container environment.

Enonic runs anywhere


Enonic features a standard concept for authentication and authorisation. Users, groups, and roles are standard concepts. Our storage supports fine-grained access control mechanisms. Integrate with any identity provider using our IDP features.

user authentication


The embedded NoSQL data storage is inspired by features from file systems, SQL, Git, and search engines. Our storage provides hierarchy, access control mechanisms, binary support, branches, document-orientation, and powerful search capabilitites.

Hierarchy Storage


Version history blue

Version history



Application Runtime

Our runtime is built on the Java Virtual Machine—but developers mainly use JavaScript to build applications. The runtime uses the OSGi module system to isolate applications and core modules.

Built-in CMS

The pinnacle of our stack is a highly structured and flexible CMS. The CMS features key concepts like schemas, rendering engine, and GraphQL API. It fits use cases from headless CMS to traditional websites, and everything in between.

Bonus: a polished, responsive authoring interface loved by editors.


Everything API

Enonic provides a wide range of standard APIs and interfaces—examples include the storage API, the caching API, and the content API.