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Content Studio

Creating and managing web content and digital experiences has never been easier with the intuitive and fully responsive Content Studio. Several powerful features come together to give you the best possible content management experience.

Smart image handling

Managing images is a breeze with Enonic XP’s user-friendly image handling tools. One of the hallmarks of XP is the focal point feature, where you can decide that for instance a person’s face always will be featured no matter what image dimensions you use on your website.


Focal point

Upload single or bulk media with drag and drop

Move images through intuitive menus or search

Edit images with crop, rotate, or flip

Visual landing page editor

In Enonic’s visual Page Editor you can build landing pages or customise the look of a single article or content. Even better: you can also drag and drop components like text and image into the editor, and rearrange them at will.


Drag and drop components into and within Page Editor

Components include images, layouts, and texts

Right-click existing components for settings, duplication, and other commands


Enonic XP is made for efficient web content management, which is why we have a wide range of keyboard shortcuts to accelerate your workday experience.

  • Work fast and efficient with shortcut commands
  • Shortcuts on all levels
  • Navigate your website and open content for editing
  • Familiar Finder/Explorer-like keyboard keys

Marketing tools

As a content editor or digital marketer, you probably have need for more than a pure web content management tool. With the touch of a button in Enonic XP you can install third-party professional marketing tools.


Enonic Market features several useful applications

Install, activate, or uninstall apps

Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Qbrick Video Platform, SEO Meta Fields, Social Macros, and more


In an editorial environment, collaboration and approval processes are important elements. Through Enonic XP you get an issues feature, which allows you to request proofreading or quality control from other users.


Create issues for anything

Assign or be assigned an issue

Close and reopen issues through the issues menu

Email notifications when you’re assigned to an issue

Powerful publishing

Always maintain control over a page’s publishing status with Enonic XP. Rearrange entire menu structures, move articles around—and go live when you publish.


Clever publishing wizard suggests related content

Save changes without publishing

Scheduled publishing

Other highlights

In Enonic XP you will also enjoy:

  • Fully customisable content types
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Responsive admin – edit from the palm of your hand
  • Fast search
  • User permissions and access
The close relationship and collaboration with the experts from Enonic was absolutely decisive for the success of our new technical platform
Torstein Aas-Hansen, Editor and Department head, Gjensidige Insurance

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