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Content Studio

Enonic features an intuitive, responsive, and powerful content management interface called Content Studio. Manage structured content and compose pages to create engaging experiences, and reuse content in any channel.

Manage any kind of content

Every content item has a predefined content type—like article, landing page, image, product, case study, recipe, person, portfolio, and service. All types of content are managed in the same unified interface, optimizing the workflow.

Content Types Enonic
  • Everything is content
  • Unified interface
  • Form based content

Structured and reusable content

In addition to making content types mandatory, Content Studio features structured content. Every content item of the same type is treated the same way, enabling reuse and cross-referencing between different content items.

Enonic Content Platform
  • All content is structured
  • Fully customizable content modelling
  • Deliver content to any front-end

intuitive user interface

Content Studio features a familiar and logical interface. It is fully responsive and easy to use—from the palm of your hand to large desktops.


  • Edit on mobile or desktop
  • Smart panels
  • Responsive preview

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Work fast and efficient
  • Familiar from major operating systems
  • Shortcuts on all levels

Fast search

  • Find everything lightning-fast
  • Filter by content types
  • Fuzzy search

Tree structure

The tree structure can reflect your website, or a logical structure for managing your content.

Navigator Browse View Content Studio Enonic
  • Logical structure with a neat overview
  • Create, publish, sort, duplicate, and delete
  • Custom access rights


Editors love contextual previews, and Content Studio delivers.

responsive preview
  • Device emulator
  • Interactive preview
  • Customisable

Rich forms

Creating custom content types is achieved through Enonic's schema system, where you can combine multiple input types and sets. Schemas can even be reused across content types.

headless cms schema system

Smart image handling

Managing images is a breeze with Enonic. Content Studio features the powerful focal point function, letting you choose a specific part of an image that will always be featured regardless of the image dimensions on your website.

  • Focal point
  • Upload single or bulk media
  • Crop, rotate, or flip

Publishing Wizard

Always maintain control over a page’s publishing status with Content Studio. Rearrange entire menu structures, move articles around—and go live when you publish.

Publishing Wizard Content Studio Enonic
  • Full control
  • Save changes without publishing
  • Scheduled publishing
Enonic is amazingly user-friendly and has exactly the elements I need as an editor, and not all the stuff I don’t need.
Kjetil Kolsrud, Founder & Editor, Rett24

landing page editor

With the Page Editor you can build landing pages or customise the look of a single article or content. Drag and drop components like text and image into the editor, and rearrange them at will.

  • Drag and drop components
  • Images, layouts, parts, and texts
  • Right-click for settings and duplication


If your organisation has several websites and brands, you can separate these as different projects in Content Studio, instead of having everything under one instance. This makes for a neat, uncluttered way to manage content.

Projects Content Studio Enonic
  • Separate different sites
  • Control authoring access
  • Easily switch between projects


In an editorial environment, collaboration and approval processes are important elements. This is why Content Studio's issues feature lets you request proofreading or quality control from other users.

  • Create and assign issues for all content
  • Close and reopen issues
  • Email notifications


With the touch of a button in Content Studio you can install third-party professional marketing tools—like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Qbrick Video Platform, SEO Meta Fields, Social Macros, and more.

  • Ready-made apps
  • Install, activate, or uninstall
  • Use as widgets
All our clubs now have one stable and user-friendly platform—with one design that fits all. The new websites have increased brand visibility and user information, giving us better foundations for sales
Thomas Torjusen, Head of Media and CDO at Norwegian Professional Football League

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