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Computer code developer webinar

Watch our developer webinars

Dive into our up-to-date developer webinars, covering subjects ranging from Gatsby and React to the Enonic cloud.

Every quarter, Enonic hosts an event for our developer community. Here we not only provide the latest news on the Enonic platform and our technhology stack, but also industry trends, useful tips and tricks, and other relevant insights.

Here is a selection of several webinars we have held recently, all edited for clarity and brevity. Please go ahead and enlighten yourself.

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Next.js and headless Enonic for

A demonstration of Enonic XP as a headless CMS, using Guillotine and a Next.js-based frontend, presented by Anders Brรฅthen Nomerstad, Developer at NAV.

Flexible content type management (and more) in Content Studio 3.3

Content Studio 3.3 will provide developers with a new set of long anticipated features. Alan Semenov, Engineering Manager at Enonic, will guide you through them.

TypeScript in Enonic XP

TypeScript is basically just JavaScript with added type safety. Tom Arild Jakobsen, Senior Consultant at Item Consulting, will demo how to get started with TypeScript in XP, and some of the huge benefits of using it over JavaScript.

Guillotine level 5โ€”Going headless never felt this good

The latest release of our popular GraphQL API will make your headless life even better. Improved subscriptions system, better macro handling, aggregations, new scalars, and a range of other improvements will be covered in this session.

Static websites with GatsbyJS and Enonic XP

In this short presentation we will show you how to set up Gatsby framework and configure the Enonic plugin to generate static pages for a new Gatsby site.

React4XP goes headless

Building a React-based example site in XP, that combines XPโ€™s delivery engine with the headless Guillotine API - enabling smoother sites and implementation.

Enonic XP Releases H2 2020

With our 7.4 release we did a major change in the architecture to make clusters more stable, and with only one new feature: Support for distributed sessions.

Sneak peek into the new Enonic Cloud

We are building the next generation Enonic Cloud which enables developers and customers to get started quickly, deploy their own Enonic instances and environments, and go to production in minutes.

Localise content using the new layers feature

We will show you how to build multilingual websites using the new layers feature in Enonic XP. Whatโ€™s needed in your app and how will the editors use Content Studio for translation.

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