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Nextjs website modern building

Next.js website

Build CMS driven websites using the popular React framework, and use the same technology for server-side and client-side rendering across multiple pages.

Why Enonic?

With our Next.js and Enonic integration, developers can build solutions with their React and Next.js skills, while content editors receive a familiar content management experience with visual page editing and real-time preview. 


  • Next.js starter and tutorial
  • GraphQL API
  • Schema system
  • Tree structure
  • Visual page editor
  • Real-time preview

See it in action

Desktop screenshot
Tablet screenshot
Mobile screenshot

Going headless with Next.js

The Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration used Enonic and Next.js to migrate their massive site to a modern, headless architecture—without compromising the editor experience.

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Next.js websites powered by Enonic

Tutorial: Next.JS + Enonic

  • Headless API
  • Next.js setup
  • Rendering basics
  • Preview
  • Custom pages
  • Deployment to Vercel
  • and more...