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Agile eCommerce Shopping Wagons

Agile eCommerce

Supercharge your commerce experiences with high-quality content and a flexible back-end.

Why Enonic?

Enonic offers an agile headless CMS with a powerful back-end to integrate your services and systems. Use any front-end to deliver an outstanding eCommerce experience.


  • Headless CMS
  • JavaScript MVC framework
  • Customizable API and back-end
  • Flexible data storage
  • Search
  • Extendable admin console

See it in practice

Desktop screenshot
Tablet screenshot
Mobile screenshot

Fresh and forward thinking

When Gjensidige launched an innovative new solution designed to focus on their customers' needs, the platform was met with both skepticism and enthusiasm. But it has turned out to be something customers have come to expect from good websites.

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eCommerce powered by Enonic

How Enonic Fits Your Requirements

How Enonic fits your requirements