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Developer 201

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Learn how to expand and improve your websites and apps with Enonic XP as a developer!

Subjects covered

Upon completion of this course, you should be familiar with the following Enonic XP concepts:

  • Tasks to improve your knowledge from Developer 101 course (or similar experience)
  • Architecture in XP
    • Best practise
    • Common traps/mistakes
    • Multiple app use
  • More in-depth XP features
    • Site-wide settings
    • Mixins
    • Page Contributions
    • Query language
    • Storage - concepts
    • Basics on user roles
  • XP functionality and libs
    • Build your own library
    • Internal versus external libraries
    • http-client
    • Error handling
    • lib-menu and other support libraries


Taken the XP Developer 101 course, or worked enough with Enonic XP to know all the basic concepts, basic app architecture and JavaScript.

You have experience installing Enonic XP and building a basic app. Experience with Content Studio, adding parts, creating page templates, and such, are also required.


By attending this training course you will get one attempt at the certification exam for free. The exam has to be taken within 30 days. More about the certification exam. We recommend you to take some time to study before the exam!


1 day - 09:00 - 16:00 CET


NOK 6900
USD 700
EUR 700
GBP 700

Includes lunch for courses held at the Enonic HQ.