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Web-based and responsive logistics solution

TechnipFMC was bogged in complex and cumbersome spreadsheets for managing logistics. When the energy service company wanted a fully digital and web-based solution, Enonic XP became the chosen platform.


TechnipFMC is a UK-based company that provides complete project lifecycle services for the energy industry—including conception, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, test runs, and maintenance. In 2017 the French company Technip merged with the American company FMC Technologies, resulting in TechnipFMC—with 44,000 employees operating in 48 countries.

Delivering solutions and innovative technologies to solve the world’s energy challenges is certainly a daunting task, involving the coordination of transport and the delivery of equipment to both offshore and onshore infrastructures in the subsea oil and gas fields. The modernisation and future-proofing of the logistics system thus became a high priority for the company, then known as Technip, in 2016.


TechnipFMC used complex Microsoft Excel spreadsheet models to keep tabs on their logistics in the system prior to 2016, but this approach limited both collaboration and sharing. Therefore the company called for a web-based system geared for both the present and the future.

The new solution needed to feature both mobile-friendly handling and an easily managed user role logic. For instance, users had to be able to log into the system and see or edit content depending on their permissions.


In order to modernise the logistics system, TechnipFMC commissioned the Norwegian agency Item to implement a web-based and governed logistics solution. Looking for a web application platform with the ability to deliver fast, flexible, and responsive digital experiences to its customers, Item chose Enonic XP—a modern platform where one can develop websites, intranets, and web applications.

Item was able to build a completely tailored and custom-made solution with Enonic XP, allowing TechnipFMC to coordinate the transportation and delivery of equipment. The logistics solution assume every work process to be project-oriented, and the system uses the term “transport plan” for every project.

Every transport plan includes an overview of each piece of equipment that is to be transported to or from a given rig or installation—for instance pipes, fittings, or containers—as well as their reference numbers, vessel, and type. All items, or bookings, can be further reviewed with even more details, while a simple input form handles new entries into any given transport plan.

In the responsive solution every member of the logistics team can share, update, archive, and export information, as well as see a common overview of all ongoing deliveries to and from installations. Sorting, filtering, and search is made easy. The sorting function allows the users to see what deliveries are ongoing, delivered, or awaiting reuse—while one also can filter and report on projects, locations, dates, deadlines, and providers. This gives the team full control over the entire supply chain.


With the new Enonic XP-based solution the logistics team in TechnipFMC is able to work faster and can retrieve information easier than before. The cooperation is more seamless and the team conveniently sees what information each member adds at all times.

The solution is both user-friendly and responsive, meaning that both the addition of new team members and working on mobile, tablet, or a desktop is plain sailing. A bespoke and flexible solution is crucial when organisations adjust in accordance with the digital transformation—making work processes faster and more effective than before.

Technical overview

  • Enonic XP
  • ItemSky Connections