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Web Application Platform

Build web applications and APIs faster with our highly scalable and open-source platform, Enonic XP. The platform is based on open standards and you can code server logic with JavaScript.




What you can build

Enonic XP isn’t just a CMS—it’s much more than that. We built the CMS on top of our flexible and scalable platform. You, however, can build whatever web app or API you want—in a fast and easy manner. No matter if you want to build an online banking site, a streaming service, or a modern web app, Enonic XP’s got you covered.

  • Simple websites to large scale online services
  • Back-ends and APIs (microservices)
  • Web applications using any front-end framework

Services in our platform

Enonic XP can be described as an Application Platform as a Service, or aPaaS. An aPaaS is a cloud service that provides development and deployment environments for application services. With Enonic XP you can build applications iteratively, access platform services immediately, scale applications by need, and integrate applications with third-party services.

  • App engine (build and deploy multiple apps)
  • Repository (based on Elasticsearch)
  • Identity (plug in any authentication source)
  • Admin console (build your own admin tools)
  • CMS (including headless)
  • Grid
  • Events

Run in any cloud or on premise

How do we deliver the goods? You can choose to run Enonic XP in the cloud, for instance on Enonic Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, or any other cloud service. Or you can run the platform on premise. In either way Enonic XP scales smoothly to fit any requirement, undertaking, or incident.

  • Enonic Cloud (GDPR compliant)
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Java

Responsive admin UI

Whether you work on your phone or from a full-blown desktop, Enonic XP's responsive admin user interface will make your experience smooth and hassle-free.

  • Show or hide relevant panels easily
  • Touch-friendly large buttons
  • Intuitive UI

Other benefits

Here are some more highlights from Enonic XP:

  • JavaScript MVC (including a JavaScript to Java bridge)
  • Familiar technologies
  • Continuous deployment
  • Secure: OWASP tested and ISO certified
  • Enonic Market: Starters and libs

Easy to get started and learn the system

We in Enonic value our developer and user community, and aim to help you as much as possible. This is why we have a comprehensive documentation, training, and certification system in place. At the same time we underscore the simplicity and usability of Enonic XP—you have no need to learn new coding principles to get started. But don’t take our word for it. See what some of our solution partners have to say:

Enonic XP is an exciting product suitable for tailoring. Additionally, the editorial interface is the best we’ve come across.
We chose Enonic XP as our primary web platform because it's a complete, end to end platform for developing digital solutions. It's also a great fit for both small and large organisations.
Item Consulting
With Enonic we have the flexibility to deploy products to market rapidly, and iterate them based on real user feedback, not assumptions.
What we really like about Enonic XP is that we're able to create both simple websites and complex web systems using the same platform.