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Enonic Enonic

Platform overview

App engine

Serverside Javascript

Enonic's MVC framework lets you code server logic with Javascript.

Developer Friendly

Create awesome solutions that mix content, services and applications. Based on open standards and modern technology.

Serverside Javascript
Web developers can build advanced websites
Code in pre-defined folders with defined purposes
Import and Export
Transfer content between installations
Pluggable templating
Thymeleaf, Mustache and other template engines available
Powerful API
Well documented and extendable
Continuous delivery
Supports modern and agile development processes
Gradle build system
Develop and deploy instantly
Your tools
Use your favorite development tools

Built on the latest technology

Enonic is built on modern and innovative technology projects. Here's a brief overview.

The foundation for virtually every type of networked application
A JavaScript engine running in Java to enable server-side scripting
A distributed RESTful search engine built for the cloud
A modern server-side template engine based on pure HTML5
A dynamic module system that defines the XP app lifecycle
Gradle build system
Develop and deploy you applications instantly

Runs Anywhere

With minimal infrastructure requirements, Enonic XP runs on virtually any stack - and in any cloud.

Minimal requirements
Java + Filesystem (requires shared filesystem for clusters)
Supports all major OS
Operating systems like Linux, Unix and Windows
No need for SQL
Ships with integrated content repository
Cloud Enabled
Deploy in almost any cloud service
Java Based
Utilizes new features in Java8
Docker images
Ready made Docker images for swift deployment

Fast, Scalable and robust

Designed to scale from the ground up - Enonic XP is designed for cloud architecture and distributed deployment

NoSQL database
Lightning fast and built on Elasticsearch
Cloud ready
Supports distributed file systems and object stores
Single node
Can run on a single node or a cluster
Robust architecture
No single point of failure
No bottlenecks
Ala traditional SQL storage

Native Delivery Tier

No digital experience is complete without a delivery tier. Enonic XP ships with a powerful and secure portal - ready to serve your clients.

Content driven
1:1 mapping with content repository
Image processing
Apply scaling and filters in real time
File delivery
Batch support (for large files)
Restful architecture
Built on a modern architecture for easy development
Produces any content
Deliver html, json, xml, and binaries
Full MVC support
Build advanced applications and services
Serverside Javascript
Build your logic using Javascript
Add security settings for content, files and images
SSO Support
Integrates with any single sign-on framework

Open and Supported

100% open source - complemented by 24/7 commercial software support or enterprise cloud delivery

A snapshot of our repository at
100% open source
Fork and Watch us on GitHub.
AGPL 3 license model
Do what you want as long as you redistribute the code
Premium support
Supported by core developers
Support levels
Choose Silver, Gold or Platinum support
Vulnerability warnings
Priority vulnerability warnings for subscribers
Enonic Cloud
Enterprise Hosting delivered by the makers
Developer Cloud
Get started fast and cost effective


Flexible authentication and authorization

Pluggable identity system with standard concept for users, groups and roles. The identity system is tightly integrated with both the app engine and NoSQL storage.


Create multiple userstores to handle multiple authentication sources across your sites and applications

Create users with customized properties
Add users to groups for autorization and management
Permission control for managing users

Identity Providers

Create custom or use 3rd party identity providers to control both authentication and user management

Auth0 IDprovider running on
Cloud authentcation
ID provider apps for cloud services such as Auth0 are available on Enonic market
ID provider apps for LDAP, Active directory and ADFS are available on Enonic Market
Custom ID providers
Build your own ID provider or base it on an application from Enonic Market

Role System

Standard role system for custom logic and application specific authorization

Dynamically provision roles to users
Roles can be provisioned to users manually or automatically
Application specific roles
Create custom application logic and authorization based on roles
System roles
XP ships with standard roles such as "System Administrator"

NoSQL storage

Powerful and scalable data back-end

Enonic XP features an easy-to-use powerful and highly scalable NoSQL back-end built on top of the popular Elasticsearch project.

Search driven

Data added to a repository is instantly indexed and searchable.

Query language
Powerful query language to access your data
Instant access to analytics and statistics on your data
Relevance ranking
Best matching results for text searches are scored
Powerful search capabilities
Use search features such as boosting, nGram, fuzzy and more

Developer tools

The NoSQL engine provides a powerful, yet easy to use API and performance tracing capabilities.

Repository XPlorer
3rd party tool for building and testing queries against live data. Available on Enonic Market
Data Toolbox
3rd party tool for browsing data, snapshots, exports and imports of data. Available on Enonic Market
Embedded CLI utility for dumping and loading data

Fast and Scalable

Search engine architecture provides data replication across servers for high performance, scalability and availability.

Automatic data replication
Data is automatically replicated across servers in a cluster
Deals with high traffic
Easily handle increased traffic by adding more nodes to your cluster
Clustered deployments keep on running when some servers fail

Structured and unstructured

Store any kind of data. From binaries and unstructured data to structured documents.

Value types
Wide range of value types including binary, string and geoPoint
Custom indexing
Define custom indexing strategies on a per-node basis
No schema required
Place business logic and upgrade scripts in your application code

Access control

Tight integration with the identity system enables fine-grained access control to data added to a repository

Permissions as seen from Content Studio
Permission inheritance
Defined structure based permissions that are automatically inherited to child nodes
Detailed permission control
Provision fine-grained access rights based on user, group or role down to a single node
Contextual access
Reads, writes and other operations all occur in the context of a given user from the identity system


Content Management re-imagined

Enonic XP ships with a fully decoupled CMS to spice up any project. Create traditional websites and landing pages, or simply use XP in headless mode to fuel any device or client with editorial content. You can even build your own APIs to serve the content.

Responsive Admin UI

Our beautiful and intuitive user interface provides a unique look and feel.

100% HTML5
Intuitive and responsive application
Home Screen
Launch and switch between apps - add your own apps
Application Toolbar
Easy navigation between open documents
Keyboard support
Navigate the applicaiton using shortcuts, tab and arrows
Drag'n drop support
Drag media from your desktop and sort your menu
Live updates
Web sockets listens to changes on the server
No popups
No annoying popups in your browser
Adapt to your needs - apps, forms and extensions

Headless CMS

Feed editorial content to one-pager-web-apps, mobile apps or any other device or client. Editors harness the powerful features of Content Studio to produce and manage content. Developers get fast and hassle free access to the content through a powerful and feature rich GraphQL API.

Any device
Add editorial content to any client or device
Preview support
Preview with your website, or add custom preview
Landing Page Editor
All the powerful features of Content Studio at your finger tips
Image and Media
Access on-the-fly scaled images and other media
Modern, self-documented and strongly typed JSON API
Continuous deployment
Supports professional development teams

Powerful Content Authoring

Our highly customizable content wizard enables intuitive and effective content management.

Content creation on a single page for quick navigation
Step navigator
Jump between steps
Fully responsive
Leverage both big screens, pads and touch mobiles
Display name
Join several fields into a display name automatically
Pretty URLs
Automatic generation of URLs with override
Permissions editing
Simple and powerful permission editing
Keyboard navigation
Use tab and arrow keys to navigate
Menu and tree structure
Manage tree structure with sorting
Steps and field set
Structure your forms with steps and groupings
Split screen mode
Work with both form and the final result - live preview

Media asset management

Drag and drop media upload. Automatic scaling and image metadata extraction.

Image focal point
Select the image focal point to improve automatic cropping
Manual image cropping
Pan and zoom to adjust your image cropping
Drag and drop upload
Drag any file into the system
Metadata support
Supports location info, Exif and more
A set of filters can be applied to images

Responsive Page Editor

Tailor every single page or create powerful responsive landing pages on the fly. Create, manage and publish page templates together with your content.

Split screen mode
Work with both content and page editor in split screen mode
Contextual Menu
Menu actions appear directly on the page
Configure components from non-intrusive side bar
Rich Text Editing
Edit rich text directly on page, format urls….
Page Templates
Reuse and configure existing page templates or create your own
Insert custom layouts for flexible page setups
Insert images in regions and layouts
Insert and configure parts (fully customizable components)
Device Emulator
Emulate different devices while editing

Unique Schema system

Easily configure powerful, beautiful and responsive forms for use across the content manager application. Including content-types, page-tempates, page components, modules and more.

Text Inputs
Create simple text input
File and Media upload
Automatically create content from files and media
Relationships Selector
Lighting fast relationships using search and multi select
Tags Input
Add tags with autocomplete
Date & Time Inputs
Date and time selector UI
Geopoint Input
Enables geo search and maps integration
Misc inputs
Combobox, dropdowns and checkbox
Nested Inputs
Create nested tree structures of inputs
Form Layouts
Includes steps, and field sets

Faceted Content Navigation

At the heart of our content manager app lies the powerful repository navigator - find, create, edit and publish with comfort

Faceted Navigation
Easy to find what you are looking for
Full text search
Search all content lightning fast
Version history
Track all your content changes
Cherry pick publishing
Publish the complete site or pick single content
Bulk upload
Bulk upload media with drag & drop
New content dialogue
Recent content and easy filtering
Sort modes
Manual sort with drag and drop or predefined


Ecosystem for Enonic XP

Enonic Market - is an ecosystem for applications, libraries and starters to kickstart your Enonic XP development and deployment.


Ready to run or sample applications speed up integrations, deployment and development

Sample applications
Progressive Web apps, Blogs, Corporate website and more
Analytics, Authentication, A/B testing and more
Site Extensions
Add custom functionality and fields to sites


Libraries are reusable components that speed up app development

Connect to 3rd party storage systems such as SQL and MongoDB
Reusable functionality commonly required across apps
Integrations with popular cloud services


Initialise your application in seconds with pre-defined frameworks, build tools and sample code

Best practice
Get example code and xp configuration from the experts
Build and testing
Sample use of build and testing tools
Complete samples from front-end framework to back-end api