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Digital manager survival guide 2019


Get a grip on your daily chores, project management, and long-term strategy as a digital manager with this collection of quality guides and articles.


As a digital manager you have plenty of responsibility on your shoulders—not only do you need to lead your team and achieve goals, you also need to stay updated on the latest technological innovations relevant to your professional concerns.

This may seem like a daunting task, and it certainly is, but we hope to put at least a piece of your mind at rest with this little collection of helpful articles. Without further ado, here you are!

The skills you need to build successful digital experiences

Behind any amazing digital experience is an amazing digital team. With a combination of project management skills, development know-how and editing expertise, they’ll be able to guarantee the long-term success of your digital experiences.

But while a digital dream team will ensure your project runs without a hitch, the first challenge is knowing which skills you’ll need. Here are the most important ones to add to your checklist.

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10 most underrated skills that'll make you a rockstar in digital experiences

When working with digital experiences it’s fairly obvious that you have to have some proficiency in digital media and marketing, and to be able to read and write.

But the times they are a changin’, and you need to stay updated on what skills you need not just now, but in the future of digital experiences as well.

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5 key components of a digital team

Your team is like an organism, if some of its parts don’t work properly, it endangers the host. In the same way, if your digital team doesn’t work, it endangers your department or your entire organisation. Now we can’t have that, can we?

As an antidote to this danger we have gathered five key components of a digital team. These might help you build strong processes, skills, and confidence within your team.

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How to lead a successful digital team

Leading a successful digital team can be tough. There are KPIs to hit, deadlines to reach and a whole load of different personality types to manage. So how do you rise to the challenge?

To help you get started we’ve put together some guidelines for leading your team to success.

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8 reasons why your digital projects are slow - and how to solve them

There are no surprises when it comes to the causes of a slow-running digital project. Bureaucracy, skills shortages, ineffective communication and inefficient tech are all reasons why your project keeps dragging on and on. Nothing new there then.

What is exciting, however, are the new methods for overcoming these hurdles. Innovative systems, agile project management, new communication tools and lean startup techniques can all supercharge your digital projects, helping you create consistently amazing digital experiences in record time.

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Why combine a powerful CMS with popular marketing tools?

Looking for a CMS that does everything? Then we suggest you give up the hunt. After all, no single vendor can offer you a one-size-fits-all solution – and in 2018, they shouldn’t have to.

With so many amazing marketing tools at your fingertips, it’s more important to find a CMS that can integrate all those useful add-ons. The result? A future-proof CMS that’s tailored for your team and your customers.

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7 tools you need to run your digital experiences

When working with marketing, communications, public relations, brand, content, or any other related activity in the digital sphere, it’s simply not enough to have access to a computer.

So, what tools do you need to be king of the digital experiences mountain? Let’s find out.

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12 reasons why you need an alternative CMS to WordPress

WordPress is a great CMS for managing blogs or simple websites, something which is indicated by the numbers: WordPress controls 60% of the CMS market, and nearly 30% of all websites run on WordPress.

There is no doubt that the platform is both popular and user-friendly, but when you take a closer look at which sites run on WordPress and which sites don’t, an interesting question emerges: Almost none of the world’s largest brands and organisations resort to WordPress as a main CMS. Why is that?

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How to build a business case for your new website project

When you commence a new digital project, you need to know the benefits and limitations of the proposed change. You can get this knowledge from a well thought-out business case.

The business case is one of the first things you do in a project and outlines the necessary elements needed to decide if the project is worth giving a shot.

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How to deliver the best digital experiences for your customers

“Digital experiences” is a colloquial term describing your contents, offerings, and services across different digital channels—like websites, social media, chatbots, apps, ecommerce services, beacons, wearables, digital signage, and so on.

At the heart of your digital experiences lies the CMS, or content management system. Let’s say you’ve rounded up a great team to bolster your organisation’s presence in the digital world. Now what? Exactly how do you deliver the best digital experiences for your customers?

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5 ways a CMS can improve the efficiency of your daily tasks

You’ve might have heard it on your digital team: “The system won’t load again”, or: “where did we put that piece of content?”

A CMS is a tool like any other. If it’s blunt or rusty, it won’t work as well as if it was sharp and glistening. Therefore, having the right tool—the right CMS—can improve the efficiency of your daily tasks. Here are 5 ways a great CMS can achieve just that.

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What is an innovation platform?

Innovation. It’s on everyone’s minds these days. To innovate means simply to look at reality and rearrange the constituent elements in new value-enhancing configurations.

For business this means to use products, services and technology in a new way to reach your goals—preferably more efficient than before.

In this article, we will examine what types of innovation platforms exist out there. But before you start you should figure out what you really need in order to achieve your goals—do you need to do completely new stuff, or simply do things differently?

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Benefits of working with a solutions partner

Digital innovation doesn’t always come easy. Creating an incredible digital experience for your customers requires plenty of development, designing, testing and creating. It also means pinpointing exactly what your company needs to stand out from the crowd.

That’s where a solutions partner steps in. Offering all the skills you need to jump on the digitalisation train, a partner can support your digital project every step of the way, from business development to sales and marketing.

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Top 10 trends in digital experiences for 2019

Digital experiences are websites, apps and other digital channels—all working together to deliver the best possible user experience for the consumer. Familiar concepts like content management systems (CMS), web content management (WCM), and digital marketing suites all congregate into a holistic software package usually called “digital experience platform”, or DXP.

As you can imagine, this is an exciting world of emerging technologies, innovative ways of thinking and a fresh approach to managing, delivering, optimising, and analysing experiences across every digital touchpoint. Let’s take a peek at what’s in store for us in this complex arena of digital experience trends.

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Managing GDPR for digital experiences

And last, but not least: GDPR. It’s a scary sounding term. But what does this behemoth of rules, regulations and privacy policy from the European Union really mean for your business and digital experience?

In this blog post, we’re explaining it all. From privacy policies to content management, here’s everything you need to know about GDPR and digital experiences.

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