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Developer Certification Exam


The exam is targeted towards developers working with Enonic XP to build websites and applications.


The key benefits for developers:

  • Proves your competence
  • Establishes your credibility
  • Looks great on your CV 

The key benefits for organizations:

  • Helps you hire developers with Enonic XP skills
  • Developer certification for Solution Partners to obtain the right partner status
  • You can verify a developer's certification




  • The exam is conducted online
  • Requires a computer running Chrome or Firefox
  • Web camera enabled
  • Your ID card ready

The exam

  • Multiple choice based test
  • 50 questions - 75% correct to pass
  • Time limit: 30 minutes
  • Topics from the Enonic XP documentation
  • Valid for the major version (i.e. 6.x) specified in your certificate.

The cost is USD 120 per attempt paid by PayPal or credit card.
One attempt is included when you attend the or part of the Developer 201 training course.

You can log in to see the status of your certificate


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