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What we're building: Enonic Cloud


The Enonic Cloud is the next big thing we’re developing. Learn more about the exciting project here.

In Enonic developers have a strong influence on our products, great freedom to solve tasks, and a corresponding responsibility. The inputs of the developers are valued and their efforts make a difference.

Our developers have researched and built products for 20 years, and now one of the exciting new projects we’re undertaking is the Enonic Cloud—a fully managed cloud platform to run digital experiences.

Why are we building a Cloud?

From 2012 and onward, Enonic has focused on building the open-source software platform Enonic XP. At the same time, an increasing amount of customers expect experience platforms to be delivered as a service. When customers ask for such a solution, they expect self service and value-adding features like autoscaling, continuous integration, and monitoring.

Hosted solutions are by no means a foreign concept for Enonic, as we have delivered managed CMS hosting since 2001. We have also worked with modern cloud solutions since the initial release of Enonic XP in 2015.

With all these factors converging, we recently began increasing the efforts around our Cloud.

Where are we now?

At present date we have a managed cloud, but developers and other prospects can’t currently sign up and fully manage the installation by themselves. Communication still has to be initiated with the Enonic DevOps team, but this process will be self-serviced during 2020.

Now we’re working on basic self service, allowing developers to receive their own installation, including tools to deploy code. This particular feature is planned to be ready around the new year.

What technologies do Enonic use?

In Enonic we use modern technologies in relation to our cloud project, including:

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Terraform
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Golang

We’re also using Elastic, for monitoring of any data. Logs and metrics from every service can be compounded into one view developers can analyse.

The current cloud solution is based on OpenStack, but the cloud solution of tomorrow will be based on Kubernetes. The solution will be cloud technology agnostic—meaning it will not be locked to any specific public cloud vendor.

The Enonic process

In Enonic we follow Agile principles, with stand-ups and 2-week sprints. We test and release new software and services, and put an emphasis on developing and automating processes.

We host several customers with large installations, like the financial services company KLP, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet), and Helsenett—and here stability is key.

Our developers can expect to contribute to the development of a cloud platform from scratch, without ties to legacy systems. Furthermore, developers can expect to work with backup, security and monitoring, as well as becoming an expert on Enonic XP. The latter point entails that developers build XP tools and technology for a solution that will affect large projects and organisations.

Enonic culture

In Enonic we also work with the newest technologies, removing the fear of working with cumbersome legacy technology. Finally, the entire organisation works toward the development of the cloud project, making it a sure bet on the development front for years to come.