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Free to choose: Enonic FRIDAY


A perk like no other: one day a week Enonic employees can do almost whatever they like—introducing Enonic FRIDAY.

In a busy everyday life, the infernal time squeeze leaves little room for work experimentation and self-development. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a breather between the routine commuting, working, and personal commitments?

Now Enonic employees can do just that with the concept of Enonic FRIDAY—without customers noticing it.

What is Enonic FRIDAY?

In 2019, the Norwegian software company Enonic introduced FRIDAY—a day in the week where employees can do meaningful activities.

Recommended activities include:

  • Gaining knowledge or acquiring new skills related to professional career
  • Pet projects
  • Exercising
  • Spending time with family
  • Personal appointments (physician, car service, etc.)
  • Social activities at the office
  • Volunteer work
  • Regular Enonic work

There is one important exception to recommended activities: Employees can’t do any paid work or other commercial activities on Enonic FRIDAY.

FRIDAY is activated only when the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • Employee at Norwegian office
  • 100% position (or planning to)
  • Full work week (core time at Enonic or customer from Monday to Thursday)

FRIDAY is not granted when these events occur:

  • Holidays on any day Monday–Thursday
  • Absence (calling in sick, sick children, unpaid leave, moving days, oversleeping)
  • If an employee works or plan to work less than 100%
  • Official Enonic events (Quarterly Meeting, Kickoff, etc.)
  • Attending a conference during the week (exception to speakers)

Customers don’t notice Enonic FRIDAY

Enonic FRIDAY is not a day off or a vacation day, and there are some expectations about what employees should do, as well as their availability. For instance, employees must aid colleagues or customers in issues occuring on Fridays. In this way, customers will not be affected by the arrangement.

Further, all employees must submit a standup on Slack before 9:00, be available on Slack or the phone, and have easy access to their computer during core time. Exceptions can be agreed with the CEO.

Work hard, play hard

Enonic abides to the principle of “work hard, play hard.” We think people can excel at both work and hobbies—and if these two blend together, it’s even better! Also, when we’re focusing the main bulk of work on Monday to Thursday, we believe our employees will manage their time and strategies to work more effectively.

Why did we introduce FRIDAY?

In an age when there is both tough competition for the most skilled developers and an equally tough workload, Enonic thinks it is necessary to test unproven ground. We want to attract more relevant hires, and as it is increasingly difficult to stand out in the IT crowd, some serious measures had to be undertaken.

Also, we’re not paid by the hour on Fridays. The consultants in Enonic already enjoyed Enonic Labs on Fridays, where they could focus on developing their own software projects at the office. In this way, Enonic can organise FRIDAY without a negative impact on revenue.

Finally, and most importantly, granting employees approximately one day a week to learn new skills, exercise, or handling otherwise time-consuming and mandatory tasks, is a way of investing in our people. Allowing our employees more leverage in a busy everyday schedule can help make them more creative and less stressed.

Enonic FRIDAY examples

So what exactly how do our employees spend their FRIDAYs? Let’s take a look at some examples:

Sandra Moen, Specialist, has used some of her FRIDAYs to complete a project on Kotlin game development with LibGDX.

Kotlin Game

See the project on Github.

Casper Ninteman, Partner Sales Manager, uses his FRIDAY to learn JavaScript or ride his mountain enduro bike.

Glenn Ricaud, Senior Developer, is in the process of teaching himself Kubernetes on FRIDAYs.

Bjørnar Hjelmevold, Specialist, has held a seminar on modular synthesizers.

Modular synthesizers

Guðmundur Birkisson, Senior Developer, uses his FRIDAYs to set up smart home automation, learning the piano, and dabbling with a DIY PID controller.

Vegard Ottervig, Demand Generation Manager, is teaching himself video and animation software, as well as blogging on FRIDAYs.