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Coming events

Central Government Strategy Forum

5-6 Dec, 2017 - Berkshire England

Enonic are sponsoring the Central Gov Strategy Forum.

Central Gov Strategy Forum is a bi-annually organised, invitation-only event designed for carefully selected C-suite executives and directors in central government.

The event provides pioneering views on the existing and forthcoming challenges in the sector, with discussions focused on tangible solutions to these development areas. It’s a great opportunity to gain critical insight, initiate new contacts and share understanding with other key decision makers and experts.

Drop by our stand and learn more about Smarter digital solutions with Progressive Web Apps.

Developments in web standards and browser functionality now enable you to build web applications that work offline and utilize functionality that was previously exclusive to native apps. We will give you an overview of this new technology and show how you can build smarter digital solutions

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Meetup - Enonic XP 6.12

6 Dec, 2017 09:00-11:00 - Kirkegata 1-3, 0153 OSLO

Enonic XP 6.12 is released and we welcome you to join us for a Christmas breakfast Meetup, 6th of December.

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