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Needing a fresh and alternate donations channel, the national charity Scope opted to create an entirely new brand—Mindful Monsters—while at the same time keeping the experience easy and simple. Thanks to a flexible framework from Enonic and third-party integrations, the resulting website has made the undertaking a huge success.


Scope is the largest disability charity in the United Kingdom. In 2016 the charity wished to create an additional channel for donations, as they felt they were too reliant on street teams to generate new income.

In the following months Scope formed a task force, researching different ideas and possibilities. The various initiatives included conducting focus groups to see how different demographics responded to the newfangled ideas and gathering feedback from these.

Finally it was agreed to create a paid subscription solution involving activity cards for parents to do with their children—Mindful Monsters. These cards arrive in the mail on a monthly basis for a year, and centers on tasks and activities in creativity, relaxation, concentration, and positivity—the general theme being mindfulness.


To make Mindful Monsters a reality Scope needed to create a brand, a product, a website, and a marketing strategy—all working towards a predetermined launch date. The importance of making a quality offering couldn’t be understated, but as Mindful Monsters was an entirely new brand, it was important to first release a simple version out to the market and see how well it fared.

Scope adopted a “minimum viable product” approach, meaning they would simplify the overall product and distribution channel as much as possible, while still offering a valuable product. A final challenge was accessibility. As a leading disability charity, it would be a disservice to Scope and harmful to their reputation if any disabled people were unable to use the website.


Scope appointed Enonic to create the website, using the open-source web application platform and content management system Enonic XP. The resulting website——is essentially a multistage form with a couple of integrations.

As Mindful Monsters is a monthly subscription of activity cards that can be cancelled at any time, the website needed to incorporate a solution for transactions. The website was therefore integrated with a payments solution called Stripe, which enabled the collection of card details at the point of sale and setting up recurring payments. This saved Scope from processing complex direct debit forms manually, something which would become expensive as the solution scaled.

User experience is also an important aspect. With e-commerce experiences, any challenge or obstacle for the end-users can potentially result in them leaving through frustration and thereby becoming a lost customer. Given that more and more people are visiting websites from mobile devices, the Mindful Monsters website therefore needed to be fully responsive.

The need for manual typing—which can frustrate mobile users further—was also minimised. To achieve this it was decided to integrate with PCA Predict, a solution that lets users type a small part of their address, which then produces a dropdown list of any matches the user then can proceed to select.

In order to address the challenge of accessibility, Enonic ensured that the website met the highest AAA compliance for accessibility, conducting a full browser and screen reader quality assessment, as well as ensuring third-party verification that the site met these standards.


Mindful Monsters has been a huge success, signing up thousands of users through the website’s first year of existence. This has generated over £500,000 of additional revenue in a short space of time, and Scope is now in the process of expanding the Mindful Monsters brand and offerings.

Technical overview

  • Enonic web platform
  • Enonic Cloud
  • Stripe for transactions online
  • PCA Predict for compliance with accessibility standards 
Enonic were fantastic to work with, and very active in contributing ideas and considerations for best practice. Enonic XP has an intuitive admin interface, and has proved to be a highly stable and secure platform.
Si Muddell, Digital Engagement Strategy Director, Scope