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Casper Ninteman Weekly Video Blog

The best of our weekly video blogs

See the highlights from Casper Ninteman's weekly video blog on how to make better customer journeys.

Each week, Casper Ninteman, Partner Manager in Enonic, releases a video blog where he talks about how to make better customer journeys and topics related to digital transformation.

Here are some selected videos where Casper highlights articles, reports, and videos from leading industry experts and pundits, about topics on project management, value generation, digital sales, and more.

Sales Is No Longer a Numbers Game + How to Differentiate from Your Competitors

Top Digital Trends 2021 + Creating a Strong B2B Value Proposition

Does Your Digital Project Struggle to Show Value + How to deliver an effective product demo

Why Prospects Don't Buy from You + Boosting Revenue with the Right Tech Vendor

How to Reach More People on LinkedIn + Choosing a New Tech Partner

Why AI Is the Future of Digital Sales & What to do with underbidding competition

LinkedIn's Alternate Universe, YouTube Marketing Strategy & Headless vs. Hybrid CMS Test

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