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Success for UK charity Scope with Enonic XP

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When the national charity Scope created the new brand Mindful Monsters, the flexible framework from Enonic was instrumental in delivering the huge success.

Scope is the largest disability charity in the United Kingdom. In 2016 the charity wished to create an additional channel for donations, as they felt they were too reliant on street teams to generate new income.

After months of deliberations Scope finally presented Mindful Monsters—a paid subscription solution involving activity cards for parents to do with their children, centering on tasks and activities in creativity, relaxation, concentration, and positivity.

The problem? Scope had to forge everything from scratch: product, branding, website, and a marketing plan. This meant that the charity had to rely on a CMS that would be fast and flexible for building a site.

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A simple approach

Because Mindful Monsters was an entirely new brand, the charity had to release a simple version to the market to observe how well it would fare.

Scope therefore adopted a “minimum viable product” approach, simplifying the overall product and distribution channel as much as possible without compromising quality. At the same time accessility was an important factor, as Scope is a charity for people with disabilities.

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Integrations allowed through flexibility

Scope appointed Enonic to create the website, using the open-source web application platform and content management system Enonic XP, as it is easy to get started fast to build solid solutions. The result was the website, based on XP and a couple of third-party integrations.

Because Mindful Monsters essentially is a monthly subscription of activity cards, the website integrated with a payments solutions called Stripe. The collection of card details at the point of sale and setup of recurring payments saved Scope from processing complex payment data manually, which would have become expensive as the solution grew.

User experience was enabled through a responsive design and an integration with PCA Predict, a solution allowing for users to type a small part of their address, which then produces a dropdown list with matches. Further integrations ensured compliance with the AAA standard for accessibility.

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Huge success in just one year

Mindful Monsters became a huge success, signing up thousands of users through the website’s first year of existence. This generated over £500,000 of additional revenue in a short space of time, and Scope is now in the process of expanding the Mindful Monsters brand and offerings.

“Enonic were fantastic to work with, and very active in contributing ideas and considerations for best practise,” says Si Muddell, Digital Engagement Strategy Director in Scope, before continuing: “Enonic XP has an intuitive admin interface, and has proved to be a highly stable and secure platform.”

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