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A collection of guides, ebooks, and other valuable resources.

Top Web Experience Management Vendors Comparison

The 2020 Data Quadrant Report is a comprehensive evaluation and ranking of 18 Web Experience Management vendors, providing a customer-based overview and comparison of platforms across several dimensions.

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Top 10 trends in digital experiences

This infographic will let you in on the most profound developments that will influence the world of digital experiences and web content management in the near future.

Have a peek at what’s in store for us in this complex arena of digital experience trends.

Infographic: Top 10 trends in digital experiences

10 Top Trends in digital experiences

CMS: the ultimate guide

There is a lot of information in the jungle that is CMS. We have created a guide with everything (read: everything!) you need to know about CMS and digital experiences.

It really is the ultimate and massive guide that will (hopefully) leave you with all your questions answered. If you prefer a smaller guide, we have some shorter versions or you can book a meeting with us – you can find it all below.

CMS: everything you need to know

CMS: The Ultimate Guide


Are you ready for the future?

It is crucial for your company to future proof your digital experiences. Frequent and constant changes in the industry demand that you keep track: it is now a matter of to be or not to be.

Download our free guide and make sure your company takes advantage of the digital transformation.

Guide: How to Future Proof Your Digital Experiences

Future proof your digital experiences


How to choose the right CMS

The process of choosing a CMS for your company can be pretty confusing and time consuming, to say the least. Make sure you have the right CMS in place to create the best digital experiences for your online visitors.

Our free checklist will guide you through the process of choosing the right CMS for you and shows you how to invest in a proof of concept for your business.

Checklist: How to choose the right CMS

How to choose the right CMS


Everything you need to know about headless CMS

Headless CMS is becoming more and more important for organisations in an increasingly fragmentary world of digital channels. This ebook will get you up to speed.

Ebook: Everything you need to know about headless CMS

Everything you need to know about headless CMS


Introduction to building a design system

Design systems are becoming an increasingly important part of the brand outputs of organisations, whether it's visual elements, design guidelines, or functional code. This handbook will help you get started.

Handbook: Introduction to building a design system

Introduction to building a design system


How to integrate your design system with your CMS

Learn how you can integrate your CMS with your design system, including your build process, integration points, and front-end vs. back-end rendering of UI components.

Guide: How to integrate your design system with your CMS


How to integrate your design system with your CMS


Brexit: impact on tech & innovation

What effects will the UK leaving the EU have on technology and innovation? In this whitepaper we have gathered the essentials, with insights from the British Embassy, politicians, and legal professionals.

Learn how Brexit will impact innovation, AI, e-commerce, STEM, and much more.

Brexit: impact on technology and innovation

Brexit: impact on technology and innovation


How financial services company KLP chose Enonic

KLP needed a platform that was faster, better, and more secure than their current solution. They decided to conduct a proof of concept where two vendors competed head-to-head for 2 weeks to solve a specific set of requirements. This case study describes the process and the final result.

Case study: How $80BN financial services company KLP chose a digital platform for the future

KLP Case Study


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This way you'll get a good understanding of how it works and see it with your own two eyes - and did we mention it's totally free?

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