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Gjensidige uses Enonic to create trailblasing digital experience

Find out how the project went on when Gjensidige used Enonic to create their new digital experience to go along with their new brand profile.

When Gjensidige set out to create a new brand profile, the Nordic insurance company knew exactly what they wanted. In an insurance industry characterised by strict frameworks and industry jargon, it was vital for the company to speak a language their customers would understand. This push for clarity stretched beyond their profile – it affected how the leading Nordic insurance company designed their new digital experience too.

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The challenge

When Gjensidige set out to launch new public websites in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, they knew they needed a standardised and flexible platform that allowed different languages, content and products to be effectively adapted to each market. They also needed the digital experience to be future proof to ensure it could adapt to the increasing rise of mobile. Finally, it was vital that the solution was 100% user-oriented, with an engaging design that matched their approachable and down to earth brand voice.

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The solution

Simplicity was key when it came to creating Gjensidige’s digital experience. To reflect their clear and omnipresent brand profile, they needed something that was both scaled back and scalable. They soon discovered that a unique platform of content modules built in Enonic offered the perfect solution.

By allowing the content to lead the design, they were able to boil the digital concept down to three main templates and several different module types. These modules kept the platform 100% user-oriented, allowing the developers to create options for customers looking to complete quick tasks, as well as modules for those looking for information and advice.

Good cooperation between the team at Gjensidige and Enonic’s partner BEKK Consulting, meant that developers were able to leverage the full potential of the Enonic platform to create something truly unique.

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The result

Gjensidige’s brand building efforts were a real success. Not only did the company create a unifying profile and culture, but it built platforms that have gone from strength to strength since their release in 2013. This unifying profile extends to the company’s public websites in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and their internal solutions for account officers and the company intranet, all of which use Enonic.

To ensure the continued success of its digital network, Gjensidige has continued to expand its Enonic expertise in house. This means that editors are trained to edit and improve content directly in Enonic whenever they need to. Gjensidige also has a Fast Track team, which consists of business resources and front-end developers who collaborate on tasks such as effective problem solving or the design of new templates. This team structure has helped boost efficiency, productivity and flexibility.


Considered bold and innovative by industry experts when it first launched, Gjensidige’s digital platform is now favoured by customers across the industry and beyond. Thanks to its user-oriented design, it showcases the company’s unique brand profile and dedication to ensuring amazing digital experiences for its customers.

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