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Your idea, one platform, any cloud

Create digital experiences faster with the Enonic platform


Progressive Web Apps

Web Application

Build APIs and applications using our highly scalable platform. Read about our platform services.

Content Driven Websites

Web Content

Create engaging content and rich experiences for your audience. Explore our Web CMS.

Self Service


Deliver editorial content to any device and client with our modern API. Learn more about our Headless CMS.

Why Enonic

Building digital experiences for the Enonic Platform is faster and more cost effective than using traditional solutions. Here are some of the benefits for your organization.

  • Fast and scalable solutions
  • Powerful Content Management capabilities
  • Runs in any cloud or on premises
  • Supports continuous delivery
  • Works with popular frameworks and tools
Platform overview


Gartner predicts that by 2020 PWAs will replace 50% of consumer-facing apps. PWA presents huge opportunities to deliver better experiences, so whether its ecommerce, subscriptions, bookings, engagement, dwell time, loyalty, retention, cross selling, upselling or clicks, PWA can help boost these metrics. 

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5 signs that it’s time to change your CMS

Is your company running into issues and bottlenecks that are preventing you from delivering the best possible customer experience? Maybe your current content management system lacks flexibility. Maybe your developers or editors are becoming frustrated by its limitations. There are a lot of signs that you might be in desperate need of a new CMS. Read more at


Powerful Open Source technology

Enonic XP is battle tested and runs on industry leading technology.

Quality certificate

  • World's only ISO-9001 certified vendor
  • 17 years successful track record
  • Powers business critical applications
  • Certified implementation partners
More about Enonic

Customer testimonials

  • Enonic is very intuitive and simple. Even with no experience, you can do a lot with the platform
    Jon Martin Tafjord, Digital Manager, Norway Post
  • The close relationship and collaboration with the experts from Enonic was absolutely decisive for the success of our new technical platform
    Torstein Aas-Hansen, Editor and Department head, Gjensidige Insurance
  • We needed an open platform suitable for progressive web apps and modern web development. Enonic met all these requirements
    Espen Bergh, Business Development Manager, Inmeta